From manual MIG & TIG welding to automated robotic welding, our facility has a variety of welding solutions to meet your needs.
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Welding Capabilities

We utilize the three primary and most common metal welding processes known as MIG, TIG, and robotic.


Uses a bare wire and flux core to join thin pieces of metal together.


We have a programmable robotic arm that can handle various types of welding jobs.


A versatile welding technique, TIG welding uses a rod and torch to weld most conventional metals.

qualified welding facility

At LaserCAM Fabrication, we can weld most conventional metals and commonly work with stainless steel, hot and cold rolled mild steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, brass, and copper.
Using the most common welding practices and also a robotic arm, our facility can handle a variety of welding requirements to ensure our manufacturing process is safe and of the highest quality.


We design and manufacture products for clients all over North America. We also have a variety of our own products, designed and manufactured in house.

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