July 2, 2019
Well, it’s been just over a year of shipping parts!

We shipped out first job in early May 2018. I had meant to write a one year anniversary post, but got sidetracked with some pretty big jobs! So, just how much we have done in our first year? We have shipped: to 112 different customers completed over 500 jobs processed and manufactured ~3,000 discrete part […]

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May 28, 2019
Our new Pemserter 4 is up and running

We can Pem that!

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May 23, 2019
Easy Part Cleanup

We were inspired by a tool called the Rhino hammer developed by the guys at SlatPro, which is a pneumatic hammer with a HPDE head for vibrating out parts micro-jointed into a nest. However, we wanted something more portable that didn’t require an airline. So we designed a 3D printed polyurethane head and fit it […]

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April 24, 2019
Designing a custom Z bending tool using 3D Printing

We designed these custom z-bending tools to make this part with one hit instead of 3. This part is also asymmetrical, meaning that one bend is under 90 degrees and the other is 90 degrees. The offset is also not a standard size. This tooling would have to be custom made. Making the tooling ourselves […]

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February 26, 2019
3D Printed Press Tooling – Louver Dies

Just in time manufacturing requires flexibility and capability. 3D printing can offer both.   By slitting the openings of the louvers with the laser we can remove the shearing requirement and print the tooling to deform a louver.           We had the custom louver tooling designed, iterated twice and into production […]

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February 20, 2019
The laser ripping through perforated aluminum, which was pretty sweet IMO
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February 7, 2019

Precision bending of 3/8″ steel plate? No problem. Get a perfect fit up and make the welding fast and easy. Need layout too? We can etch it!

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January 23, 2019

Today they are eight ¼” copper sheets. Tomorrow? 240 parts for brewery tanks! #lasermetalcutting #sheetmetalfab #metalfab  

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January 16, 2019
Eight months in: a status update

We have been shipping products for eight months now and here’s a summary of where we are: busy! 265 jobs completed and shipped 60,000 parts 64 different customers And 2019? We are looking at adding four new  pieces of machinery that will introduce new capabilities and services for our customers. Stay tuned!

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November 26, 2018

On May 4, 2018 we invoiced our first customer.  As I write this (August 15th) it has been 100 days since we completed that first job. And what a hundred days! 115 jobs with over 24,000 parts completed for 26 different customers Trumpf Truebend 5170 press brake installed Lissmac deburring machine installed Shapeoko routing table […]

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