Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

We have a fully automated Trumpf 4kW fiber optic laser. This machine can cut up to 1" thick steel and can cut thinner metals at speeds up to 2000 in/min.
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CNC Bending

Our Trumpf press brake is state of the art, and rated for 170 tons. With CNC angle measuring, crowning, 6-axis back-gauges we can accurately and repeatedly produce complex parts quickly and reliably.
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Router Table

Our Shapeoko CNC Router has a working envelope of 33in. x 33in. With it's rigid construction we can provide you accurate parts made from Wood, Plastics, and Metals.
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3D Printing

We have four 3D printers and are capable of inlaying glass fiber and chopped carbon to improve structural integrity of your parts.
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